We offer irrigation and filtration system installations & services in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

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About: G & M Projects & Irrigation

Gerhard Nel founded and established G and M Projects and Irrigation in 2021. He has 12 years of experience in Irrigation, Boreholes and Filtration systems. His team constantly keep the work as neat as possible.

Perfecting every job they do, no matter how big or small the job might be, G and M Projects and Irrigation operate in Cape Town and its surrounding areas.

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Irrigation solutions: transforming landscapes with precision and care

We specialise in the installation and maintenance of top-of-the-line irrigation and filtration systems. With years of experience in the industry, our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing efficient and sustainable solutions for all your water management needs.

Installation of irrigation systems

We custom design the installation to suit your needs and only use quality products like Hunter, Rainbird and Irritrol.

We strive for excellent service at competitive prices using advanced technology, including timed watering and the amount required (not overwatering the garden).

We can also install Wi-Fi receivers to the latest irrigation controllers, which connect to a laptop or cellphone. Thus, you can reprogram or run your system from anywhere.

Our options:

  • We've got automated irrigation systems that will allow you to set the sprinklers to run at a specific time for the garden's needs, thus keeping your lawns and flowerbeds looking spectacular.
  • We also do manual irrigation systems, which are hand controlled by using lever valves which you can operate as needed by opening and closing the lever.
  • We provide system maintenance for efficient and fast plant growth, and we will go through the entire system with you to learn and understand your garden and its needs.
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Installation & maintenance of boreholes and pumps

We have extensive service in this department with years of experience on all types of pumps and which is best for your property and garden.

Our options:

  • We have a borehole & well point drilling contractor that provides the best service for the job.
  • We can provide the correct borehole maintenance and blowing of boreholes with compressed air to clear the slotted casing for better-quality water.
  • We do all sorts of pump Installations and maintenance for borehole and booster pumps.
  • Specialising in pump specking for borehole and booster pumps (To not over pump).

Tanks & rainwater installations

The sole purpose of a storage tank is to store water that is safe to use. We provide the installation of various ground-standing and underground storage tanks for the following purposes:

  • Water can be collected in a Storage tank by either a Wellpoint / Borehole or gravity fed
    from rainwater gutters.
  • Clients can then use the water from storage tanks through an irrigation system or to top up a pool.
  • Rainwater harvesting is an excellent way to store water for the summer when water is low.

Tanks can store a small or large amount of water, thus allowing you to irrigate for longer between your cycles before needing to be topped up; this is best when a well-point or borehole is in use. Some well-points or boreholes do not have a good enough yield and won’t be able to pump directly into an irrigation system.

Thus, you will need a storage tank to store water, which will pump with a booster pump to your irrigation points or garden tap.


Filtration systems

We do various filtration systems specifically to the demand needed and quality of raw (Pre filtered) water.

Our options:

  • We design the layout and installation of your filtration needs straight from the wellpoint or borehole to the water storage tanks every step of the way.
  • We can supply you with a full water test on the water (Normally from a wellpoint or borehole).
  • We do an iron removal system that varies from small domestic systems to large commercial systems and estates. (Iron removal eliminates the orange/brown stains on the homes saving money on painting and maintenance)
  • We offer calcite filters to boost the pH at your home (This prevents the blue stains in the toilets and basins. With low pH, you also damage the copper piping in the walls leading to relining throughout the entire house).
  • We can install a sediment filter with UV light to filtrate even the smallest grain of sand/dirt, and the UV steriliser helps to fight the bacteria inside your storage water tank.
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Sprinkled with praise: hear from our satisfied customers

Grant Berold

Gerhard was appointed to supply and fit irrigation to my home in Bishopscourt. His work was very neat and quick, and the communication was excellent. He also automated the system through my mobile.

Lize Langenhoven

Gerhard is always willing to help no matter how big or small the work that needs to be done is. He is very neat and efficient on the work that needs to be completed. Gerhard has creative and practical ways to solve any issues

Marc Rainsford

To Gerhard and his team, I couldn’t praise him and his team enough for their prompt and efficient work they have conducted at two houses that I manage. Their knowledge and expertise is out of this world.

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Flowing success: showcasing our projects

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Active projects

  • Tokai Villas Brittany
  • Rondebosch Boys High School
  • Milnerton Primary School
  • Aristea Primary School
  • Ecklenberg Complex
  • Libertas retirement centre
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